My Guide To Buying Second Hand

I am a second hand, pre loved clothing addict. I always think of not only the life its had before me but also the money you save. I would say that 90% of my designer pieces were bought second hand, my wish list is extensive and I have saved searches on certain platforms and when I get that notification it is a thrill like no other. I used to get sad when someone I follow posts something I adore and it is old season or out of stock, now I get excited for my mission – if it is meant to have a place in my wardrobe it will find me or rather I will hunt it down for an epic price and nab it!

Let’s start with eBay – just so epic. If you save a term such as “vintage oversized trench coat” you will get a notification and an email if you wish when someone upload a product with that description, I also love that you’re covered by paypal so don’t have to worry about losing out if a seller is fibbing or a product doesn’t arrive. 

Vestiaire Collective – for me this is the premium secondhand luxury site but you certainly pay for this. If you opt for “authentication” each item is checked by their team rigorously. They are the worlds best at spotting fakes or defects and the sale will either be cancelled or a more appropriate price is agreed. Their prices in my opinion are high which I assume is their commission on top but they have the most wonderful pieces, anything can be found on there. 

HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It) – I buy a lot on here, their prices are so fab and I find that it’s one of those websites that I will go to and want everything. Based in London, super reliable and their prices are hard to beat. I just went on their website and saw that they offer 10% off with your first purchase, it won’t change the world but would certainly make a difference if you’re investing in a high end bag. 

Seller Knightsbridge – where do I start. I found them on IG last year when they first opened and I’ve been a big buyer since (they give me a little bit of discount when I buy because I buy a lot and post about them but I would say I pay around 80% of full price). You have to follow their IG, the way they sell really stands out for me with daily modelling of clothes and up close videos and pictures. Sometimes I have to flick past because their selections are so good I would be bankrupt if I looked every single day. Highly recommend popping into their sweet Knightsbridge store for a rummage. They check every item throughly and are the experts at spotting replicas. If you’re in the market for an Hermes bag (one day lol I will keep saving) you must go to Sellier. 

Never be sad if you spot something you love and its already gone, keep your eyes peeled and you’ll adore it when you finally get your mits on it! 

X G 

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