My Full Dermalogica Skincare Routine

As you know I’ve struggled with acne for years, at times I have wanted to lock myself away and hide until the acne left. Alas I still struggle however I wish I’d have placed more emphasis on a rigid skincare routine, to say it is a game changer would be an understatement, its completely and utterly transformative. I am an ambassador for Dermalogica and god I am so proud to be. For full transparency I am of course financially paid for my work and gifted these products but they haven’t asked me to do this post, it was you lot that keep asking me! Here we are…my full skincare routine! I start with my pre cleanse oil – this is my desert island product. I used to shy away from oil based products rather foolishly, the smell and the effectiveness of this oil changed my mind and now I am certain it will always be my first step in double cleansing. 

Next I chop and change between my intensive moisturise cleanser  and my clearstart break out clearing foaming wash dependent on the inflammation on that day. Double cleansing is so important, you might think it’s a faff but particularly if you live in a city or wear make up we must remove this thoroughly before we go to sleep. I use my double cleansing time to listen to my daily positive affirmations, I use an app called Think Up where you record yourself saying your affirmations (I’m told that if you hear your own voice telling you something, your subconscious connects with it) my favourite affirmations at the moment are “I am grateful for the good in my life” “I have something special to offer the world” “Healthy nutritious food is what I crave”. The last always makes me laugh I imagine my fry up waiting for me at the caff when I say it to myself every time – I will literally try anything to develop a positive mindset! 

Pre Cleanse Oil
Dermalogica Travel Essentials Skin Kit
Breakout Clearing Foam Wash
Antioxidant Hydramist
Daily Microfoliant
Intensive Moisture Cleanser
Pure Light SPF 50
Sound Sleep Cocoon
Age Bright Clearing Serum
Stress Positive Eye Lift
Age Bright Spot Fader
Phyto Replenish Body Oil
BioLumin-C Eye Serum

Next I spritz my hydrating antioxidant mist then for my serum. Since active clearing serum launched I’ve used it and seen such brilliant results in both keeping active breakouts at bay but also minimising and dealing with the marks that previous spots have left behind. I love a product that does both, £65 I know is a lot to spend on anything but it packs serious punch and has transformed my face. For my moisturiser in the morning I use Pure Light because of its epic SPF 50 and in the evening I use intensive moisture balance. For my eyes this is my favourite.  Lastly before bed I layer on my sleep sound cocooon it has these tiny lavender balls that burst on your face when you rub it in, I shan’t bore you about my unwavering faith in essential oils but for sure it aids sleep! 

That’s my current routine that seems to be working well for me. I thought I’d link some more products that I often use and love. 

I use their cult exfoliant on alternative days, its amazing as it deeply exfoliates but isn’t abrasive for sensitive skin. 

For an SOS I have a mega nasty spot and it needs to bugger off ASAP I use Age Bright Spot Fader

For puffy, tired, I’ve been partying too much eyes I pop this in the fridge and use religiously Stress Positive Eye Lift

My self care ritual, makes me feel like I’m in a spa Phyto Replenish Body Oil

For travelling here are Dermalogica’s minis, they’re perfect for hand luggage and pretty much cover all bases! 

G x 

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